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July 2, 2013

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Pix & Dubs Shares Professional Photo Tips
To Ensure You Capture Top Quality Memories

Pix & Dubs is here to help provide you with some more tips of how to best preserve your favorite memories. As a photo/media retail center in Laguna Niguel, we have spent years in the industry gaining more knowledge and insight into what makes the best photos. Over the years, we have spent time focusing on how to help our clients recreate moments through photos and media of all types. When it comes to taking photographs digital cameras have claimed their spot over the use of disposable cameras and film cameras and this has allowed for the use of higher quality picture taking. We do however still develop and process film when the need arises.

When taking your own pictures, we find that a lot of our clients are left wondering why their cameras don’t take the same quality photo that professional photographers are able to capture and that’s why we’re here to help. It is the best way to ensure that you’ll be able to use your photos for almost any product available; from photo blankets to mouse pads, and it’s simple. More megapixels!

Increasing The Resolution For High Quality

When it comes to making sure that your photos will be able to be used for a variety of reasons, it’s important to always remember one thing; more megapixels. (For reference see Image Chart below). This simple switch on your digital camera will provide you with better quality photos that will give you endless possibilities. More megapixels simply means that you’re giving your photo a high resolution, which will allow you to enlarge photos and still have a quality image that isn’t blurry. Basically, you want to set your camera’s image size to the largest setting possible; somewhere between five and seven megapixels is usually sufficient to provide for good quality enlargements. If you’re not looking to enlarge your photos, this technique will still help when printing any size photos and creating products that make great gifts. Even standard picture print sizes can be affected by not using enough megapixels so be sure to get your camera set up to take larger sized images. Of course, these larger images do take up more space on a memory card but it’s well worth it. The availability of affordable two to sixty-four gig memory cards makes it a worthwhile investment because you’ll never be limited when it comes to using your memories to make sentimental gifts that your family and friends will love. Remember to back up your images on your home computer or external hard drive.

Endless Possibilities Are Created With Larger Image Sizes

Remember, making memories is a job that we leave to you. We are here to assist you in ensuring that your memories are available to you in the platforms that you wish to view them in and from video to photo to sound, we want to make sure that you use the best techniques possible. Simple steps to taking the best picture include carrying an extra memory card and batteries and using the highest resolution that your camera offers. From there, you’ll be able to enjoy any occasion and know that you’re making memories and taking pictures that will transcend through time and find a home in a digital photo album, on a blanket or even a custom sized canvas.

Call us or come by today and let one of our experienced technicians further assist you in taking quality photos and creating the products that you want with the photos that are your memories.

Call or come by today and get the committed service from professionals who truly care. Family owned and operated, we understand the importance of your memories and are always happy to help you recapture them. Let us provide you with caring and quality service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Your Back Up For Life!

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